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20 years together: What the beautiful wife of Christian Bale looks like?
When Winona Ryder took a Serbian-origin model as her assistant she couldn’t have imagined that she would
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“She dreamt of becoming slim again!” Photo of Kirstie Alley taken a few days before passing away.
Ellie admitted that the directors do not offer her roles. The Hollywood star smiled at the camera and
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A girl with a doll’s appearance is already 9 years old. What does she look like today?
Little Ira had to pass the test of fame very early on. Already at the age of two, she was seriously engaged
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In 2007, five girls were born in the Artamkin family. Girls are already 12 years old. How does the family live today?
In 2007, the life of the Artamkin family take a fortuitous turn. Varvara and Dmitry had five children-five
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4 reasons why a man cheats even when everything is fine in the relationship
«Why did he go for it, but everything was fine with us?». The answer to this standard question is different
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The touching story of this couple will make everyone believe in real love
We often hear about love stories in books and movies, but we completely forget that in real life it also exists.
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A 10 years old skateboarder Maxim Abramov with no legs does the impossible
Some years ago a harsh story spread all of the globe. The heartless mother left her 6 years old baby
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A girl who was bullied as a child has grown up to become a supermodel
Perhaps childhood is the most wonderful and happiest time in life for every person, however  there are
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What does a man look like now WEIGHTED 330 KG and LOWERED 233 kg FOR FAMILY!
He is 35, he has a beloved wife and 3 adopted daughters. But there is a big problem — he weighs 330 kg
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The ‘Blue Twins’ made headlines all over the world thanks to their amazing eyes – and this is how they look today
Although twins are not something very rare, there are always people who are curious and fascinated to
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Why you should ALWAYS put a spoon of sugar in your backyard – before leaving home
Some people don’t like bees. They think they just bother us while we’re trying to have a good picnic.
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At the age of 6 the baby received the title of the most beautiful in the world. A couple of years have passed and this is how she has changed
The little doll took part in the filming of an advertisement for the first time at 2.5 years old.
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The «Unique» Girl Was Born 8 Years Ago: How The The Kid Lives Today, Without a nose
The little Tessa was born a completely healthy girl but has a little uniqueness: her uniqueness is that
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Elvis Presley cover has X Factor contestants dancing along
X-Factor shows around the world look for the most amazing talent to promote. In this clip from X-Factor
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A man gently held a woman on the ice, and within seconds, the famous ‘Dirty Dancing’ dance had everyone on their feet.
“The Time Of My Life,” a classic song from the film Dirty Dancing, has been performed in numerous versions.