16 works by a makeup artist from Serbia. In his hands every client becomes a real queen

Every girl has her own makeup preferences-some don’t wear makeup at all, some use lipstick and mascara only on holidays, and some prefer to use a full set of products every day. Makeup artist Stefan Subotic from Serbia clearly belongs to those who love dramatic winged eyeliners, long lashes, and foundations with full coverage. In general, all those techniques that easily transform his clients and as if make new people out of them. But words can hardly convey the effect of Stephan’s work as well as the pictures do.

In bright colors.

For those who love winged eyeliners

Hollywood diva


Before and After

Festive look

Lip augmentation without surgery

Eyes highlighted

A look for the bravest

Makeover like in movies

The result of the makeup artist’s work

A New Face

For those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd

Makeup in beige tones

Makeup in 2 hours

A decade is wiped away

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