The lovely pics of Kate Middleton with her grown children in their shopping time. They behave like ordinary people

39-year-old Kate Middleton is often in the center of paparazzi who spots her in her everyday life. Like an ordinary person, she can be found in a park, supermarket or shopping center.

For about 2 months, Kate did not appear in public, and then, after the holidays, she returned to her royal duties. The Duchess of Cambridge and her children went shopping together.

The nice woman was caught with children in an ordinary store. Kate was dressed in a simple cloths that perfectly emphasized her beautiful figure. And the children were dressed also in a humble way.


It is known that members of the royal family never pay for purchases, but Kate decided to make an exception and let George pay for the goods he chose for himself.

The users of the Network wrote some delightful and appreciative worda like: «Like ordinary customers”, “What a modest family”, “Beautiful Kate”, “Raises heirs like ordinary children, bravo”, “No pathos”.


Lets share with your opinion. Do you like the nice members of royal family? What do you think about the fact that they act like ordinary people?

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