Why the whole Hollywood thinks Keanu Reeves is the best man in the world

It is simply impossible not to recognize Keanu Reeves. He has his special style of acting and by his completely unique attitude to life, which is reflected in all his works. People who personally know Keanu Reeves, assure: this man is too good for Hollywood. Of course, nobody belittles his talent, but much more amazement everyone causes quite different qualities of the actor, which for some reason are not met very often nowadays.

He is loved by a lot of people. He lives very modestly, never behaves arrogantly, the money for him almost does not matter, because he gives them generuosly to charity. There are plenty of little videos of him giving up his seat to a woman or eating lunch next to homeless people, squatting or just on the ground.


And yet, everyone understands: for all his apparent simplicity, Keanu Reeves knows how not to reveal his secrets to anyone. And that makes him even more likeable. He talks very little and does a lot. It’s probably hard to call his childhood simple, but he never complained. He just always supported his mother and was very touching to her and his sister Kim.

Just like he didn’t complain when his daughter was born dead in 1999 and the woman he loved couldn’t handle it. He, like a lot of people, was very scared, but learned to manage his fears. At the same time he said that even when a person is afraid, he must act, move forward. The main thing is not to give up.

In one of his interviews Keanu Reeves admitted: filming in «The Matrix: Resurrection» made him look at the truth himself, and maybe the audience will feel what he feels himself. His character Neo gave him a glimpse into the future and saw: everyone, including himself, needs to become a little better. Keanu Reeves’ acquaintances assure him that it is simply impossible to become a better person. He has a unique gift of listening and hearing his companion, he is really interested in other people’s opinions. And he is willing to care about everyone with whom he has to communicate.

He is sure that many people simply do not know their abilities, so one must always take up the cause and replace doubts with actions. You may have to learn to make connections with people who don’t even share your own point of view or are just complete strangers.

Life has taught him never to rush things and to appreciate every every moment and to be very careful with his wishes, because they tend to come true.

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