The beautiful couple put an aim to lose weight and shared with their result after a year

Stephanie and Brandon have been overweight since childhood. In the past, they had no problems with their such state. They loved each other so strongly that created an incredibe family and lived joyfully. It seemed their happiness couldn’t be disrupted from barrier.

But their life was completely changed after they found out that Brandon had a dangerous health issue because of his extra weight. It was really awful because they were young and had their whole life ahead. They had many plans for their future such as to have a baby. But it turned out there was a huge risk that this life could end at any moment.

The couple had to struggle for their cheeriness. They began to run a healthy life about a year. And the results were satisfying. Stephanie could lose 57kg and Brandon-36. It was a huge achievement for them both. The woman felt herself stronger, self-confident and attractive. It was a great stimulus for her to go ahead.


The most important thing is that the whole process wasn’t torturing for them, They didn’t have to keep strict diets but they reached their goal slowly by running a regular healthy life, eating nutritious food and walking or doing physical exercises. This all left the positive effect on the weigh loss.


And the most wonderful news is that they will soon become parents! This was their big dream! They will have a baby girl. The couple feels the happiest people in the world.

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