How the most beautiful actors will look in their old age

It’s inevitable that we will all grow and age over time. But have you ever wondered what you’ll look like when you’re older? Wrinkles, hair color, or appearance deformities… You can find out all that thanks to the acclaimed FaceApp.

And so, let’s take famous men as an example and see how exactly this application works. How will they look like in their old age.

It’s worth noting that Leo will definitely never lose his charm!

Adam Sandler



Cillian Murphy


Christian Bale


Despite his wrinkles and graying beard, Christian Bale, even in his extreme old age, will still be recognized in the streets.


Chris Paine



Bruce Williss



Brad Pitt



Ben Affleck

With looks like that, Ben Affleck will probably start playing imposing villains in some spy franchise like Bondiana sometime in his 60s.



Armie Hammer


Jason Statham



Matt Damon



Keanu Reeves



Jared Leto

Thanks to FaceApp the mystery is solved: now we finally know what the stubbornly ageless Jared Leto will look like in his old age. We wonder if FaceApp’s prediction will come true in reality?



Henry Cavill


Leonardo DiCaprio


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How the most beautiful actors will look in their old age
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