What Hollywood’s partner heroes looked like in their to begin with part

Good looking Hollywood on-screen characters, for whom millions of women’s hearts endure … Looking at these men, it appears that they have continuously been like this – wonderful, pumped up, brutal, with a slight start of impudence in their eyes. Well, what lady can stand up to such a heartthrob? And few individuals will presently keep in mind these fulfilled on-screen characters in their exceptionally to begin with part. But a few came to the world of cinema as touching, curly-haired boys, without any indicate of manliness and brutality. Let’s take a see at how our favorite wonders looked at the first light of their careers and compare them with their current pictures.

Johnny Depp (1984)


Leonardo DiCaprio (1985)



Al Pacino (1971)



Brad Pitt (1978)


Robert de Niro (1968)



Russell Crowe (1985)