24-year-old girl weighed 300 kg. Check out what she looks like after she lost 121 kg

Amber Rushdie from Oregon has always been overweight, but by the age of 24 the situation has become simply critical.

She weighed 300 kg and could no longer take care of herself, so she was forced to return to her parents’ home to help her.

Amber understood that it was no longer possible to live like this, and her boyfriend Rhodey supported his friend’s intentions to change, writes the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

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Even going to the grocery store was a difficult task for Amber, who was completely dependent on her electric wheelchair.

Being overweight not only depressed the girl emotionally, but also physically. Thick skin folds had to be washed with a long brush to avoid inflammation on it.

Then Amber decided to seek help from the My 600lb Life program and applied to finally get her weight under control.

At that time, she was eating more than four large meals a day, plus a lot of sweets. The more unhappy the girl felt, the more she ate.c

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Amber was stuck in this vicious cycle and even stopped sleeping with her boyfriend in the same bed. Excessively overweight killed their sex life.

Ultimately, Amber decided to have gastric bypass surgery, but due to her weight, there were huge risks associated with the operation.

Before she could undergo the operation, she had to lose 10 kg of weight.

Ember was full of determination. She moved to Texas to be closer to Dr. Nazardan, who was to perform the operation. She has also switched to healthy eating.

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Three months later, she managed to lose 8 kg and the doctor agreed to perform a gastric bypass procedure.

This was the start of Amber’s new life.

Seven months after the operation, Amber had lost more than 40 kg.

This served as an excellent incentive for the girl to continue her struggle with being overweight.

A year after the surgery, Amber met with her doctor again. During this time, she lost 65 kg and was hardly recognizable.

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Dr. Nazardan was so proud of Amber’s accomplishments that he agreed to have the excess skin removed from her massive weight loss.

Amber continued to lead a healthy lifestyle and also sought the advice of a therapist to learn how to deal with issues without eating them.

After years of depression, Amber is finally happy again.

To reach her ideal weight for Amber, she still needs to shed a few kilos. If she has already been able to achieve such impressive results, I am sure that she will not have problems with this.

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