“A Haggard Face and Wrinkles” – Photos of Cindy Crawford That Will Shock You!

Cindy Crawford is still one of the most famous supermodels of the 90s.

Now the model is 56 years old, but she still excites the minds of fans with her perfect figure. Despite her age, Cindy managed to maintain an almost girlish form – a thin waist and long graceful legs.

Unlike some of her colleagues, Crawford made a decision for herself to age naturally – without plastic surgery and beauty injections. Supermodels of the 90s managed to embrace all their age changes.

Although fans believe that the model could be injected with a little Botox and fillers, Cindy does not see any point in this. Moreover, all manipulations with the face greatly change the appearance, and it is unacceptable for her!


Of course, age takes its toll. The proof of this was the recent pictures of the model. She is depicted without makeup and any retouching. The paparazzi caught the model during the trip.

Cindy in a black sheepskin coat with bags in her hands and a glass of coffee looked different than on the red carpet and in social networks. Deep wrinkles already appeared on the face of the model, and the face was very haggard, the contour “floated”.


Despite all age changes the model preserves to naturalness!

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