Remember The Redhead From The Breakfast Club? Here Is How She Looks at 54

In the filmography of Molly Ringwald, there are many works. One of the highlights was The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes. It was close cooperation with him that brought the actress the greatest fame.

For many, she has remained the same red-haired Claire Standish from the teen drama. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge – the premiere of the project took place back in 1985. Not surprisingly, the screen star has changed a lot during this time.

Today Molly is 54 years old. In the 90s, her career began to decline, but in her personal life, on the contrary, serious passions began to boil. Ringwald married the writer Valerie Lameniere, whom she later divorced. She then married Panio Gianopoulos and gave him three heirs.

It is worth noting that childbirth did not spoil the figure of a celebrity at all. The actress looks much younger than her years: she still boasts fiery red hair and a face without a single wrinkle.

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