Turned into a cranky old man: this is what the famous Crocodile Dundee looks like

Paul Hogan, who became famous thanks to the role of Crocodile Dundee, appeared on TV by accident. The assembly team appreciated the humor of the future star and advised him to go straight to the television center for a casting, which he did.

The actor went through a variety of minor roles and finally found his image – the most famous Australian hunter in the world.

Fame came, but the strong family of the former worker broke up. Not everyone can stand the test of fame, money, and Crocodile Dundee co-star Linda Kozlowski. However, after a long time, relations cooled down in this strong pair.

The last time the bright personality starred in the next continuation of the story of Crocodile Dundee, but it was no longer as profitable and famous as the first two parts.

Today, at his 83, the popular actor is on a well-deserved rest, in the near future he doesn’t have a come back to the well-known character, age did its job.

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