Dad devises novel methods to soothe his deaf and blind child.

“OK, so Gideon is insane.” On the television, we can see a baby who is clearly unhappy. Squirming and plainly distressed, he whines gently while his father supports him.

Daddy leans forward, and we assume he’s about to kiss the youngster on the cheek. However, instead of kissing him, he gives him a pucker!

Gideon’s expression changes from a scrunched-up frown to a startling look of astonishment. He appears apprehensive at first, but rapidly lights up, his expression filled with wonder.

Of course, his father’s lung can only retain so much air, thus the raspberry must come to an end. Gideon reacts negatively to this, returning to his previous state, but Dad gives him another raspberry and he’s back to normal.

This procedure is repeated several times, and you have to give credit to the father: it takes a lot of lung force to keep Gideon pleased! This video was originally posted in 2015.

Gideon has gotten considerably older since then, as the description indicates, and luckily, cries much less these days. Still, we assume Dad must spend a lot of time feeding him raspberries (since most children get cranky regardless).

This brief movie is adorable and shows how much love these parents have for their kid. Their YouTube page is still operational, so if you want to see what Gideon has been up to lately, go to the “Life with a Happy Heart” channel.

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