Four grandparents tap dance their way into everyone’s hearts on Britain’s Got Talent.

On Britain’s Got Talent, four seniors take the stage. They form a line and go up to the microphone, holding hands. When Simon Cowell asks who they are, they announce themselves as the “Cocooners.”

The crowd quickly applauds them. The group consists of four ladies. Michelle is 63, Heather is 70, Lyn is 80, and Maxine is 75 years old


After they have done speaking, they take their seats for the performance. Even the judges don’t know what they’ll do for their audition.

The women are all standing on platforms that rise from the ground. They are all placed on pedestals. As they gaze up at the ceiling, the music begins.

The women began to remove their gowns or whatever they were wearing, much to everyone’s amazement. Under their garments, they were all clad in sparkling one-piece costumes. The audience burst out laughing.

The Cocoons then proceeded to tap dance and demonstrate that age is irrelevant. They won the hearts of the audience and the judges with their smiles.

They finish their act as fresh as ever. Simon Cowell refers to them as “little minxes,” as the audience continues to applaud. The judges are still taken aback, but they all vote for the Cocooners.

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