What does a man look like now WEIGHTED 330 KG and LOWERED 233 kg FOR FAMILY!

He is 35, he has a beloved wife and 3 adopted daughters. But there is a big problem — he weighs 330 kg … The young man is already almost motionless. For 2.5 years he has not been out of the medical bed. Her whole life is spent in the bedroom…

Although he is not overweight, Killas Givens lives with a daughter who loves him. They have a good relationship, they raise three adoptive daughters. But at the same time, all the worries about the kids, the house, and Killas himself rest on Jessica’s shoulders…

Childhood issues

Her parents divorced when Killas was young. Mom got married and rushed headlong into a new relationship. In a new marriage, she gave birth to two children, who became the core of a new family.

The stepfather did not particularly like the stepson, the mother is taking care of the younger children. The boy felt alone and worthless. Then he started to capture his emotions. The weight continued to grow. From a big child, he became a big teenager, then a big man…

Weight didn’t bother

Despite his excess weight, Killas found a life partner. Jessica fell in love with him, despite how he looked, adored him and his three adopted daughters. They all started calling Killas Dad. Yeah, he liked them too.

But over time, Killas has grown. And as a result, at the age of 35, his weight reached a critical level of 330 kg. He could no longer get out of bed. He was constantly lying…Mountains of worries fell on Jessica’s shoulders, her beloved couldn’t even go to the toilet by himself…

Killas knew his relationship was already on the verge of collapse. And he so wanted to propose to Jessica to marry. He wanted her to be happy. But how could he do that in such a condition

Lose weight!

He realized that he could lose those close to him. And that realization gave him impetus to action. Killas Givens has become a participant in the reality show «I weigh 300 kg». This is a project that helps overweight people lose weight and resume a normal life.

To get to the hospital, they had to call the rescuers who pulled a huge man out of the house…

At the time of the visit to Dr. Nazardan, Killas was in a terrible state. Just a little more and he would be gone.

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