A 10 years old skateboarder Maxim Abramov with no legs does the impossible

Some years ago a harsh story spread all of the globe. The heartless mother left her 6 years old baby in the house and went for a walk. During that time a fire broke in and the poor Maxim was seriously burnt. He had to remove his both legs.

Soon the mother was deprived of parental rights, and the boy was taken to a baby house. Fortunately, Maxim was adopted by a caring family and they managed to gather needed money for the child to have artificial legs.

When Maxim was 7, he became very interested in skateboarding.

And so the boy started to attend trainings in the skateboarding federation.

The trainer showed him the boys from America and Brazil in his condition,who have already reached great results. This motivated him and supported him because he didn’t feel confused.

The great supporter and motivator for Maxim was Nick Vujicic.

«You can achieve a lot in this life — with your own hands! You don’t know what you can reach until you try. Because you are beautiful the way you are, ”Nick told him then.

Recently Maxim Abramov has been able to achieve a lot: he participated in competitions and won in many performances at city events in front of a huge audience.

One of the most famous representatives of this sport, Tony Hawk, also paid attention to the unusual and at the same time very promising skateboarder. He posted a video with Maxim on his page with the following writing: «New favorite skater.» In just a couple of days, the video gained more than 800 thousand views.


The young boy wishes of someday repeating Tony Hawk’s trick and doing a triple flip in the air.

Maxim runs his own page on Internet, which has already had more than 44 thousand people. There he publishes his pics and videos of his training and competitions.

He really deserves all the achievements he has reached and the one he will gain with great efforts.

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