A girl with a doll’s appearance is already 9 years old. What does she look like today?

Little Ira had to pass the test of fame very early on. Already at the age of two, she was seriously engaged in modeling. The parents decided that such a doll-like appearance should be noticed by professionals and took their daughter to a modeling agency.

In the agency, the baby immediately came up with a role-the image of the famous doll.


Pictures of Ira flew all over the Internet, many users refused to believe that the girl can have such a doll-like appearance and often wrote that this is a hoax, and the pictures are just photoshop.

But over time everyone came to terms with the fact that the girl was real.


It is impossible to say for sure whether Ira herself was happy with what was happening to her. In this case, her fate was decided by her parents. She did not attend kindergarten, did not play with her peers, and spent all her time in modeling agencies and photo studios.

Ira was very famous, she was recognized in the streets, and when meeting people asked to take a picture with her.

But as the girl grew older, her appearance changed. She no longer looked like a doll at all, and modeling agencies stopped inviting her to shootings and shows. Her popularity began to fade.

Sometimes she is still invited as a model for certain projects, but this is extremely rare.

Now Ira, like many children of her age, maintains a page in social networks. And it is worth noting that there are no photos from her “doll” past on it, perhaps the girl does not like the way her childhood was spent.

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