Triplets that were utterly identical were born to the mother. Even she has trouble telling them apart.

Having three sets of identical triplets naturally is extremely rare, but British woman Katie Crowe, 26, was fortunate.
In the 12th week, she and her husband learned for the first time that Katie is carrying three children simultaneously.

But none anticipated how similar these young children would be to one another.

Due to the manner that each baby develops over the course of the nine months, triplets typically have children that are not all that identical to one another.

However, as Katie had children who were virtually identical, the situation was reversed in her case.

Tommy, Joshua, and Eddie were born on February 9

However, not everything is that easy; as the children were completely identical to one another, name tags had to be made for each one of them.

This family became well-known both online and off due to this unusual fact.

Many people find the tale of the triplets’ uncanny similarity fascinating.

People have even speculated about potential events from the children’s future, such as their school years, when they will support one another based on their striking similarities.

Many blessings are sent to this wonderful and extraordinarily fortunate family.

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