How is it better? Tattooed woman painted half of her tattoos and showed how she looks without them

Britanna Beti Holt is the most tattooed woman in her country. Any way she is sure about that. 100% of her body is, thoroughly, covered by tattoos and even when there wasn’t place on her body, she started to do it on her face.

Everyone is interested how she looked like before doing tattoos. For the experiment she decided to cover her half body and show how her body looked like without them. So a lot of foundation cream and photoshop helped her to acomplish this.

The opinion of her followers devided in vary type. Somebody thinks that Holt looks much more interesting with tattoos while it is dear to another one’s heart to see her without them. And some advise her to remove tattoos only from the face and to leave only on the body.

In fact you will never satisfie all the people but the important is to satisfy your own self.

So what do you think? Are tattoos decorate the body or makes it ugly?

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