Mother of 21 children: How does such a large family live!

About a year ago a baby Bonnie was born which was shocking for the British media. Everyone was talking about that sensational case. But what was the unusual? The fact is that the little girl was the 21st child in the Redford family.

The lovely couple encountered in their teens. Sue was 7 years old and Noel was 12. They were so similar by their character and fate, even by the fact that they were orphan and grew up in foster families.

Sue gave birth for the first time at 14. The pair was really infant, but they couldn’t abandon their baby and they raised him together. When Sue became adult they got married.

During 26 years of marriage, they has 21 children.

The large family lives in a 10-room house.They have a blog where they share about their daily life and pasttimes.

They go to the cinema, cafes or other public places very rarely as it can cost a huge money for them. But they adore to spend the time strolling in the parks, having picnics or just playing games in their house. Despite their such a great number, all of them are joyful to have each other as the family is the main hapinness and meaning of life in the world.

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