«Girl without a face»: How was the graduation of a girl who at 2 years old received burns of 90% of her body

A girl named Terry Calvesbert was born a completely healthy child and lived a completely happy life until the age of 2. But it all ended after a terrible fire, which got the girl.

Her mother fell asleep without putting out her cigarette and because of this she almost killed her own child. When the rescuers arrived at the call, when they carried Terry out, they thought that they had a doll with a melted face in their hands, but in reality it was still a living child. The mother was unable to be saved.

As a result, it was found that the girl received a burn of 90% of her body during the fire. How the girl remained alive is a miracle and a mystery.


This strong-willed girl went through almost fifty operations in 14 years. The whole world was watching her condition and trying to help. Terry is still in need of a skin transplant. Doctors are fighting to ensure that the girl’s face looks as good as possible.

Terry wears a wig. It is also quite difficult for her to do anything, because in the fire she lost almost all her fingers.

Despite all the difficulties, Terri was able to finish school and even came to the prom, which she so dreamed of. Her family accompanied her, and her classmates tried to create the most festive atmosphere around Terry.

After school, she wants to become a veterinarian, because she loves animals very much and wants to help them.

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