How beautiful! Madame Michael showed her photos before plastic surgery

54 The summer accomplice-performer I. Goncharuk, more commonly known under the pseudonym Madam Mtshel, was poured with a liquid in the 90s, which mutilated her appearance. Because of this, the woman had to resort to plastic surgery.


All these years they doubted the veracity of the story that Irina voiced, but her face, as she herself said, turned into meat.

The other day, the star decided to show off her archival photos before the incident. Fans pointed out that it’s hard to recognize Irina in the pictures.

“Beautiful girl”, “You were so incredible”, “Let everyone know the name of your surgeon, because no one goes to him,” commentators noted.


Until now, Irina does not lose hope that Her appearance will be able to sparkle with white colors.

And have ever heeard about the story of Madam Michaael?

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