The first roles of Hollywood stars: this is how they were when they were not yet famous

Style icons and Hollywood’s most coveted guests were also once taking their first timid steps in filmmaking. And everyone’s favorite Julia Roberts, and fabulous Megan Fox, and the elfin-looking Liv Tyler and many other women of modern Hollywood, which is equal to almost all girls and women.

We decided to remember our favorite actresses, who have a lot of acting experience, and their first roles. That’s exactly how they were when almost no one knew about them.

Julia Roberts

»Satisfaction», 1988.

Angelina Jolie

»Hackers», 1995.

Scarlett Johansson

»Thieves», 1996.

Salma Hayek

»Teresa» series, 1989-1991.

Megan Fox

»Screen Queen» series, 2003-2006.

Jessica Alba

»Flipper» series, 1995

Penelope Cruz

«Ham, Ham, Ham,» 1992.

Kate Winslet

»Heavenly Creatures», 1994.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

»1001 Nights», 1990

Demi Moore

»Parasite», 1982

Halle Berry

»Living Dolls» series, 1989

Jennifer Aniston

»Camp Cucamonga», 1990.

Liv Tyler

»Silent fall», 1994.

Eva Green

»The Dreamers», 2003.

All of these movies were made in the last century, but some of them have managed to remain absolutely unchanged. It seems that their beauty will never fade.

Is your favorite actress on this list?

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