He Is Considered The Most Beautiful Man Of The World! See How His Son Looks Now

The beauty of this oriental man was conquered by women from all over the world. No wonder he was dubbed “the most beautiful man in the world.” Omar, of course, was flattered by this status. For a long time, photos of Omar on the Web aroused great interest and delight. But he seems to have a worthy competitor.

Note that Omar is married and has a son. His offspring inherited all the best from his parents. Netizens are sure that when the boy grows up, he will surpass his father. Omar claims that the son is a copy of his mother, all the beauty is from her.

Of course, Omar is pleased with such a reaction from fans, so he often publishes a photo of his offspring. The birth of a son radically changed him for the better. Omar cherishes every moment spent with his son.

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