When the surgeon overdid it: 5 stars that are almost impossible to recognize after plastic surgery

When the word goes about plastic surgery some people pass the acceptable lines. Instead of doing or correcting some of their features they get addicted and do it again and again.

But they don’t become beautiful in the end. Some people need this for their self-confidence as they think that changing something in them should give them confidence. However, others follow the beauty trends and make plastic surgery just to look more trendy. This mostly occurs with celebrities. Show business dictates how to look and some stars want to change their appearance just for being trendy.

Some of the famous stars mentioned above passed the acceptable line though.

Donatella Versace

Queen of plastic surgery: Before destroying her face, Donatella Versace  looked like this (PHOTO) - Free Press

Kyle Jenner

Plastic surgery before and after - 9 celebrities on what it's really like

Cindy Rome

Кривые руки хирурга: кто из звезд пострадал от некачественной пластики - Я  Покупаю

Britney Spears

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: 30 Before & After Pics | StyleCaster

Megan Fox

Celebrities BEFORE and AFTER plastic surgery. - Beauty & Fashion

Michael Jackson

The Number Of Plastic Surgeries Michael Jackson Had

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