6 Strange Things Women Do in the Bathroom But They Never Admit It

It is generally accepted that only men are characterized by slovenliness and stuff like that, but a woman should always be neat and feminine. But is this really the case? We at Interesting to Know have found 6 weird and funny habits that all women have. And all because women can also be weak and sometimes a little weird.


1. Reading the ingredients on toilet cleaner when they forget to take their phone with them

2. Looks through a magnifying glass and is horrified at how big pores and bushy eyebrows they have

3. They take all the poses of the Kama Sutra and arch like professional gymnasts to shave their legs properly

4. Yes, and that too…

5. They think they’re going to die of pain when shampoo gets in their eyes

6. «Smearing» hair on the tiles during the shower

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