A black couple had an albino daughter. How does she look ten years later?

An amazingly rare event happened to the family of Angela and Ben from Nigeria in 2010. The parents, who are black, had a baby girl with white skin and white hair! Moreover, the couple’s first two children are just like their parents. And the third Nmachi is special.

An angel or a gift from heaven?

That’s what the parents call their unusual daughter. She was born in England because her parents moved there from Nigeria to live permanently. They already had two children, but after moving to another country, they thought of having a third. So in 2010 the heaven gave them Nmachi.

When the little girl was born, her parents were shocked. The baby’s father didn’t understand what was happening. The baby girl has an excellent health, but her skin color was completely white.

Many people call Nmachi Snow White.  The girl’s hair is curly, just like her parents’, but the color is completely different. Some might say that Angela just cheated on her husband. But even if the girl’s father had not been African, Nmachi would have been born mulatto and not pure white.

What does science say?

An Oxford professor was very interested in the case. After all, she was the only one of her kind in the whole world. Such cases had never happened again.

The professor confirmed that the cause was a glitch in the genes. Because of this failure the little girl lacks the right pigment, which is responsible for the color of skin, eyes and hair. Moreover, the girl can’t even tan.


Scientists have asked the parents to have a DNA test to further investigate the issue. Because albino children in a black family are a miracle.

And although Nmachi is the only one of her kind now, in the future she could pass on the mutation gene to her children or grandchildren, a gene that could manifest itself even after a hundred generations. After all, gene mutations are very difficult to trace in advance.

The girl is not always accepted in the team, it is very difficult to explain to black children that Nmachi is the same as they are.


By the way, the nurses at the hospital where the girl was born, still remember her. Everyone thought Nmachi was a real angel who came down from heaven. After all, right at birth she had long white curls!

Albinos are not so rare in our world. But there is nothing that distinguishes them from ordinary people, they just do not produce melanin in the right quantities. Scientists are still trying to figure out the reason for this peculiarity of the genes.

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