Young models – siblings with rare beauty… Just look at their photos!

We present to your attention siblings, who are included in the list of the 50 most beautiful children in the world. Their names are Dima and Violetta and they have an angelic beauty.

They are among the most requested young models in the world. Since birth, these children have been surrounded by public attention and interest.

Parents of the children are proud of them and try to raise them loving and friendly towards each other. The mother of children is glad that her children are known throughout the country and even abroad, but the woman wants them not to lose the wonderful moments of childhood while pursuing their careers.

The combination of blond hair, delicate features and blue eyes gives them an angelic look. Netizens are delighted with an unearthly beauty of the siblings. According to public opinion, children have won the genetic lottery – this is the secret of their unique beauty!

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