Salma Hayek is the first Mexican to be nominated for an Oscar and not win it. Who disrupted the beautiful celebrity!

One of the wonderful and outstanding stars in Hollywood Salma Hayek was born in a wealthy Mexican family, she has Spanish and Arabic roots. From 18, Hayek began acting in Mexican TV series. At first, the roles were small, but in 1989 the actress received a central role in the series «Teresa», after which the popularity and recognition of the public simply fell upon her. After few years, Salma starred in the film «Avenue of Miracles», the film was a real victory. Hayek firmly established herself in the position of a superstar in Mexican cinema. Only after that she decided to try her luck in Hollywood. And so she really succeeded. She became one of the well-known stars in Hollywood. Though her career was full of difficulties and obstacles she could overcome all the hardships and bright like stunning personality in the world of cinematography.

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