Before to hearing the first note, Simon believes the girl is crazy for trying the “worst song ever.”

In a three-minute performance, “X Factor UK contestant Gamu Nhengu catches Simon Cowell’s attention and breathes fresh life into a song composed before she was born.”

Nhengu, who is 18 years old, responds that she wants to be someone and do something that people will remember when asked why she became a singer. She appears unnerved in front of the four judges and talks with conviction and assurance.

The song “Walking on Sunshine” was picked by Nhengu. It’s by the 1980s new wave group Katrina and the Waves. While not being a one-hit wonder, Katrina and the Waves are most known for a single from 1985. “Walking on Sunshine” is a staple of 1980s movies and sentimental movies.

In her introduction, Nhengu informs the judges that she has changed several aspects of her song. The audience and judges are naturally curious because she doesn’t identify what she modified, whether it was a lyrical modification or a new arrangement. After the introductions are through and Nhengu starts singing, she does not let her audience down.

The other three judges are grinning, but Simon Cowell looks like he skipped breakfast and has an upset stomach. “ Simon responds to Nhengu’s allegation that she modified her music, saying, “I’m interested to see what you’ve done with this tune.

As Simon maintains a dejected expression throughout the song, the listener instantly recognizes Nhengu’s vivacity and snark. Although her changes were minor, they changed the song’s overall meaning. Nhengu’s rendition of the chorus instead starts with “you’re my sunshine/but you gotta leave,” as opposed to the original song’s opening line, “you’re my sunshine/and don’t it feel beautiful.”

Clearly, the song is about a breakup based on this. She is told by Nhengu that she does not want to live her life waiting for a potential romantic partner. Nhengu’s commanding performance, from her body language to her sarcastic delivery to her outfit, matches her temperament beautifully. Nhengu has a floor-length dress on, and she has a beautiful rose bow in her hair.

The other judges had nothing but positive things to say about Nhengu. Louis Walsh practically gushes, praising the young musician’s attitude, song selection, and vibrancy and saying that she has “something incredibly delightful” about her. Nhengu is “soulful,” according to Walsh, and anyone who watches would concur.

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