In a song for individuals who have lost loved ones, the emotional ‘AGT’ voice rises.

Ava Swiss survived the event at Oxford School. She just received a standing ovation for her lovely yet tragic performance of Lauren Daigle’s “Remember” on the AGT stage.

When the event occurred, the 18-year-old teen and her brother were both in school. Swiss and her brother were still in the hospital. However, the adorable kid auditioned for AGT so that she might use her voice to encourage and cure others.

When Simon inquired how she was coping with life now, the singer said it was difficult. She remembers discussing it with her brother, and both of them were reluctant to enter the school. They eventually returned to school, and things improved.

Swiss also remarked that as she sung, she remembered her village, family, and love. The gifted vocalist felt it would help her reach her goals in life. Swiss expressed gratitude for the opportunity to play on stage today. The 18-year-old was overjoyed to be able to share her skill with more people than she ever imagined.

The adolescent then sang Lauren Daigle’s “Remember” in front of the entire audience. Swiss sung the emotive words flawlessly while performing, proving to everyone that she was a vocal powerhouse.

She received a standing ovation from all four judges as well as deafening applause from the audience. The judges were stunned and could only remark, “Wow.” Mandel applauded her singing performance and was glad that she had been an example to many others.

Klum exclaimed, “You are wonderful,” while Vergara admitted she felt shivers. Swiss’s performance, according to Simon Cowell, will be one of those acts that he remembers for the rest of his life. The performer received four “yeses” and moved to the competition’s next stage.

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