The new mother gave birth: Jude Law, 50, gave birth to his seventh child.

The macho star of Hollywood gave birth to his second wife’s and his seventh kid. The pair was spotted at Heathrow Airport in England. As the nanny was carrying a stroller with the couple’s firstborn, who is due in September 2020, Philippa was pushing one with the infant.

The “Cold Mountain” star wed a behavioral psychologist in April 2019 following a four-year relationship. In a December 2020 remote interview with Jimmy Fallon for The Tonight Show, Jude admitted to having children for the sixth time. The TV host asked the actor about his efforts during the coronavirus outbreak. “The garden has kept me occupied. Oh! I also had a child at the time. Jude said, “That’s all!” in a brief manner.

The names and sex of their kids are disclosed by the couple. Prior to the birth of his sixth kid, Lowe declared that he was “absolutely” amenable to having more children. “My wife and I are thrilled because we can now live like a normal family. It’s absolutely amazing. If I adore it, why not? I’m really fortunate to be dating someone I’m deeply in love with. Having additional kids sounds like a good idea. I’m fortunate to be with someone with whom I’m having the most joy of my life right now, the Oscar nominee remarked.

Jude also mentioned that he is close to his ex-children, partner’s all of whom routinely visit his and Philippa’s home. My children are involved, some of them are adults, and they like spending time with the younger ones. We have a really stable and good family life.

The actor’s three children from his marriage to actress and fashion designer Sadie Frost are Rafferty, 26, Iris, 22, and Rudy, 20. He had a relationship with Sienna Miller, an actress. When Lowe cheated on her with a babysitter who came to watch his kids on the weekends, their relationship came to an end. Even the wind-blown hottie need an apology from her. “I want to formally apologize to Sienna and our families for the suffering I brought about. I deeply regret my acts, for which I have no justification.

In 2008, Jude had an affair with Samantha Burke, a model from New Zealand with whom he shares Sophia (now 13). A year later, he and Sienna resumed their relationship, although they subsequently got divorced in 2011. The actor has a 7-year-old daughter named Ada from a brief relationship he had in 2014 with singer Catherine Harding.

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