What does a girl look like who at the age of 14 was left without a nose and ears by the grace of her husband

The story of Afghan girl Aisha shocked the public at the time. Aisha’s parents married their daughter when she was barely 14 years old. the girl’s husband’s family did not accept the bride into the family. For several years, Aisha lived in a barn with her cattle. Soon the girl decided to run away. 

However, the husband of our today’s heroine was ahead of Aisha and took the girl to the mountains. “He ruined my beauty,” Aisha told reporters, barely holding back tears. Aisha managed to crawl to her father’s house.

The girl’s parents were taken to an American hospital. caring people sent the girl to the USA, where Aisha got a nose prosthesis.

Only a couple of years after the incident, Aisha managed to regain her beauty. The girl underwent 12 plastic surgeries.

Aisha now resides in the US. The girl dreams of becoming a policeman and helping people.

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