Just a goddess: What a model looks like — plus size, which has become one of the symbols of body positivity

The modern world of fashion has undergone significant changes over the past few years. If earlier no one could imagine models weighing more than 55 kilograms on the catwalks and covers, now brands are literally hunting for puffy fashion models.

A significant figure in the fashion industry was once the most ordinary girl named Ellana Bryan. The future gloss star was born in Cleveland, but having decided to move to the huge Los Angeles, she pulled out a lucky ticket.

At first, Ellana, who had a non-standard figure, worked as a make-up artist and did not think that one day she would be in the place of those whom she prepared for filming.

The girl was noticed and offered cooperation with a clothing brand, then more and more representatives from the fashion world learned about her.

Now the model is signed by more than a million people on Instagram. There, the puffy model shows by her own example that it is not necessary to have the notorious parameters 90-60-90 in order to feel confident.

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