We all adօred them. H2Օ beaսties have grօwn up, but still love swimwear

We all agreed upon them. Although they have grown up, h2o beauties still adore swimwear.

They’re not the ordinary chicks you see! The original ensemble of H20: Just Add Water is still doing fantastic work more than ten years after the Australian mermaid show made its debut. Even though the actresses Cariba Heine, Phoebe Tonkin, and Claire Holt are now quite busy with their careers, they occasionally find time to unwind poolside or on the beach in a stunning bikini or swimsuit!

It’s a hot girl summer; we don’t get to set the rules! Phoebe shared photos of Claire and herself in the pool on Instagram in July 2021. The @andieswim biкini, made by @claireholt, is my newest favorite. Claire also shared a different photo of the two former Originals cast members enjoying a good time on a boat, showing that they have maintained their close friendship throughout the years. In The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, she also mentioned running into her H20 friend once more.

When I informed her I was going to be on Vampire Diaries, I believe she was just so happy to have a companion in Atlanta, Phoebe noted at the time.

Then, of course, The Originals came along, and that was simply incredible. We now solely collaborate on TV shows.

Their previous castmate Cariba, however, has not been picked for any of the same roles as Claire and Phoebe. The lead in Blue Water High and a cameo appearance in Designated Survivor are just two of the roles that Cariba has landed since H20. Like her former co-stars, Cariba adhered to her mermaid ancestry by taking frequent beach vacations.

“Iiiiii. Haaaaad. The time of my life [sic],” she captioned an Instagram carousel post from May 2022 that included pictures of her wearing a white bikini. “Whenever I see these, that song keeps playing in my head. “Gummies > poses” is the title of this collection. Honestly, it was the best time ever. My hearts have been swollen for a week, and they’re still recovering.

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