“She is a real Thumbelina!”: how does the 17-year-old girl, who has a rare disease, look and live

Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley is 17 years old, but she weighs only 22 lbs. The reason is a rare disease called primordial dwarfism.

When the girl’s mother was pregnant, she noticed that her belly was too small. Time passed, the gestation period increased, but the stomach remained small. The woman shared her fears with the doctors, but she was reassured that there was nothing to worry about.

Just before the birth, the doctors were also worried, because the stomach never appeared. Kenadie was born on time, but she was very tiny. Her height was only 11 inches. The doctors said that there was very little chance that the baby would live at all.

Despite disappointing predictions, the girl survived. In addition, she develops in the same way as all healthy children. The only difference is height and weight. As for intellectual development, Kenadie studies with ordinary schoolchildren. They love their little classmate, who is always in a good mood.

Oddly enough, but the disease helped Kenadie become famous. The girl was invited to the main role in the fantastic film ”Eep”. And Kennedy played her role perfectly.

Kenadie has reconciled with the fact that she is different from all children. Her illness doesn’t prevent her from living a full life. The girl has many friends. She hopes to act in films again.

The example of this small but courageous person proves once again that under any circumstances you can find a reason for joy. The main thing is to love life.

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