“Fans Didn’t Recognize Her”: Rain-drenched Elle Fanning Was Spotted On The Street In Men’s Trousers!

Initially, Elle was often labeled as shy, especially based on her early roles and appearances on the red carpet. She used to opt for modest outfits that some considered to be too plain or boring.

She would wear long, floor-length dresses in pastel colors or dull trouser suits, which didn’t quite suit her delicate blonde look and made her blend in rather than stand out.

However, it seems that Elle herself noticed this and decided to change her style.

While she still prefers classic outfits for red carpet events, she now allows herself more freedom in her personal life. She wears shorter skirts and more revealing tops. The key is that Fanning knows when to draw the line and avoid crossing into vulgarity with her fashion choices.

Unfortunately, not all of her Hollywood beauty looks have been successful.

During a night stroll around the city, paparazzi photographed Elle, who appeared to be in a hurry and was visibly sweating with a flushed face. Despite this, she looked very happy.

Elle wore a black satin corset with a deep neckline, paired with black dress pants that had a more masculine look, and navy blue pumps. Although some may find the Hollywood star’s appearance striking, it can’t be described as stunning.

The style seemed unusual and somewhat revealing, and her shiny face and sweaty hair detracted from the overall look.

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