Nicole strips down to a string biкini to show off her curves

Nicole strips down to a string biкini to show off her curves

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger has left fans stunned after sharing a series of revealing biкini images from a relaxing Hawaiian beach vacation.

Nicole Scherzinger looks as stunning as ever in new photos of her frolicking on a Hawaiian beach in her teeniest biкini yet.

The former Pussycat Doll couldn’t help but tease her admirers with a sneak peak at her vacation and took to Instagram to flaunt her physique in front of them all.

Nicole showed off her physique in her first photo, holding the camera high above her head and smiling charmingly. She walked along the sandy beach in a bright blue string biкini that showed off her washboard tummy and toned legs.

Nicole wore a wide wicker sun bonnet to protect herself from the sun, and her long, wet brown curls hung on her breast.The brilliant blue water stretched as far as the eye could reach behind her, while the sky above was dotted with fluffy white clouds.

Nicole put up her hands and busted a move in front of a massive green mountain in the second photo.

Nicole looked like the embodiment of natural beauty as she posed in the tiny biкini that revealed every inch of her stunning form.

Scherz posted more photos of herself racing towards the camera, followed by some nice photos of her family, who had come to join her on the beach.

Nicole captioned the photo with “She’s home,” a hand sign, a palm tree, and an ocean wave emoji, and the hashtag “local girl.”

Fans reacted angrily to the Pussycat Dolls vocalist in the comments section.

Scherzinger’s fans were definitely captivated with the diva, as they showered her with praise, encouragement, and compliments.
“Hawaiian represent all day, [love you] cuz,” one enthusiastic fan wrote, while another dubbed Nicole a “Hawaiian warrior.”

Many people flocked to “welcome her home,” while others were taken with her breathtaking natural beauty.

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