“Forever Young Doll Is Not The Same Any More”: Paris Hilton Was Captured Close-up!

In February this year, the “eternal Barbie” Paris Hilton turned 40 years old.

But, despite her age, she does not change her infantile style. Sometimes it seems that Paris is stuck in her eighteen years: she is the same “doll” in mini-dresses.

Her style doesn’t seem to have changed since the 90s.

The other day, Hilton again showed herself in all her glory. A childish sparkly dress with a vulgar buckle at the waist and her sparkly shoes completed her usual flirtatious doll look.

But this time the “eternal star girl” was photographed close-up by photographers. And it became clear that Paris was no longer 18, and not even 25.

Unsuccessful makeup with a thick layer of foundation emphasized the numerous wrinkles around the eyes of the star. In addition, long eyelashes do not look so pretty up close.

We hope that after the wedding with her boyfriend, who has already proposed to her, Paris will turn from an eternal girl into a beautiful young woman.

In addition, she admits that she plans to become a mother in the near future. Perhaps a future pregnancy will change the star’s style for the better.

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