Jennifer Aniston, 53, is candid and frank about how she handled her infertility.

The actress eventually decided to respond to questions that she had previously taken every effort to avoid during a chat with reporters. For instance, the Friends actress has admitted that she is unable of having children. She says she regrets not freezing her eggs sooner.

She tried almost everything to overcome infertility throughout the course of her life. Journalists did not discount the idea that their separation was caused by her infertility. When the actor made the decision to leave his wife for someone with whom he would later have three children, such rumors were circulating in the media.

It has made her life so much simpler not to have to try again and fail that she is completely positive she will not be able to have children. She also made it quite apparent that she planned to write a book about her battle at some point.

She attempted for a long time to keep her private life private by keeping silent. She had gotten tired of the constant fabrications, though, that were being broadcast in the media. I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation, to be quite honest. In essence, she said, “I have nothing to hide.”

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