“Naked” Dress With Thin Straps: Salma Hayek Impressed Everyone With a Luxurious Neckline At a Gala Concert!

On November 5, the Los Angeles Museum of Art played home to the LACMA Art + Film Festival 2022. It was expected given the event’s reputation for being associated with the Gucci brand that many celebrities wore Gucci attire.

The company is owned by Salma Hayek, a Mexican actress, and François Henri Pinault, a multibillionaire. At the occasion, the couple garnered a lot of interest.

Salma, who just turned 56, never ceases to dazzle with her daring sense of style. She was decked out in a gorgeous see-through dress studded with glittering rhinestones.

She didn’t wear a bra because the dress’ chic neckline drew attention to her attractive features. By her side, her spouse looked stunning in a chic blue tux.

How did you find the star’s attire? Share your thoughts!

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