From 199 Ibs and up: the most lush models idolized by the world’s photographers

Perhaps ladies with exquisite forms have always thought of themselves as a source of entertainment. They have always been subjected to criticism and censure. When body acceptance became popular, they suddenly felt supported and free of the stares. Plus-size models, of course, played a huge role in this. They gleam on the pages of glossy magazines, demonstrating that a woman of any size may be beautiful and confident. By the way, these stunning ladies have inspired millions of women all over the world. They do not, however, disguise the reality that people continue to criticise them because of their weight and unusual body. Yet, these women have caused a stir in the fashion world, and they are eager to collaborate with well-known firms.

Ashley Graham

Tess Holiday

Justine Legault.

Felicity Hayward

Tara Lynn

Liris Cross

Denise Bideau

Alessandra Garcia-Lorido

Jessica Vander Leahy

And fashion photographers are simply “fighting” for the chance to collaborate with them. Let’s get to know these rich beauties.

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