While J-lo displayed flawless legs in a stylish miniskirt, everyone was focusing on her shoes.

It occasionally seems as though she is dependent on magic. There is no other way to account for the pop diva’s flawless appearance at the age of 53. The actress always draws attention to her exquisite physique, which is well-known. She arrived wearing white shoes, a pink shirt with a bow tie, and an aqua Gucci miniskirt while standing on a very high platform.

She looks to have been able to sit comfortably during the event based on the photo. The reason Jen has toned legs, though, is that she loves shoes—walking on such a platform may be considered a full-on exercise!

She happened to stop by Sephora, which is exactly as it ought to be: It turns out that the singer decided to aid the staff members who work in her beauty area and instruct consumers about her cosmetics on a regular basis. It was very fantastic to meet the senior supervisor and the excellence specialists.

Thank you so much for all of your fantastic help today! Online, she wrote. She earlier admitted to People Magazine that she had suddenly decided to start the brand after years of fielding questions from admirers about her young skin.

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