The jurors turned their seats when they heard his first noises and recognized a new star had emerged.

When a fresh singing talent wants to show off their abilities, there is a song that will strike everyone’s heart. The gentle, peaceful tune of “Hallelujah” relaxes our head as the words speak to our spirit. The only thing that could make it better is if a genuine angel came down from heaven and sang it in front of us.

That looked to be the case when a very gifted young lady known only as Mennel arrived on La Voz France to sing this popular song. It’s difficult not to be captivated by all you see and hear about Mennel. In fact, one of the judges was so taken with the young woman’s delicate, angelic tones that he eagerly pressed the red button seconds after hearing her sing. When the judge saw the innocent, lovely face behind her, he was moved. He knew from that voice that this young woman had been sent from above. But she can’t wait to hear Mennel’s unexpected take on this Leonard Cohen classic.

Her vocal style will undoubtedly capture your heart. Instead of trying to seem like a pop diva, the lovely young lady decided to flaunt her innate beauty. Her hair was tied up in a simple scarf, drawing focus to her stunning blue eyes. The girl’s wonderful voice was brought out by her minimalist style, so all you had to do was relax in the delightful sound bath that filled the room.

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