Christina let all of her magnificence come through in a transparent dress: The singer is content with her physique.

The singer stunned her fans by strolling the red carpet with her fiancé, something she doesn’t often do. However, this was not the only aspect that immediately brought the celebrity to public attention. She made sure to choose a stunning outfit with simple accessories for the occasion.

This worldwide award is granted to young scientists who have made noteworthy contributions to mathematics, fundamental physics, and medicine. It should be noted that she herself is not at all a scientist. She did, however, enthusiastically accept the invitation to the function, where she joined other well-known figures from around the globe.

The diva looked stunning in a black outfit that she donned for the occasion. Fans noticed that the celebrity seemed particularly happy when her lover was by her. Despite the fact that she and him have been together for more than 12 years, they are still smitten with one another.

They were married in 2014, around four years after they started dating. They also had a young daughter at about the same time. The daughter was the couple’s first child and his second overall.

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