“Living In The Shadow Of a Model Sister”: What Does The Youngest Unpopular Daughter Of Bellucci And Kassel Look Like?

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel have two charming daughters. 18-year-old Deva Kassel conquers the world of big fashion, actively stepping on the heels of star parents.

The youngest heiress of Kassel and Bellucci, Leoni, lives in the shadow of her popular sister and rarely appears at social events with her parents.

Fans of the stars are interested in how the unpopular heiress of the actors looks now.

The youngest daughter of Monica and Kassel is in no way inferior to Virgo Kassel. Both sisters are beautiful and definitely inherited only the best from their parents.

Fans of Leoni’s parents noted that she is very similar to her father. Did you know what the youngest daughter of Bellucci and Kassel looks like?

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