Catherine tried on a spicy jumpsuit with transparent inserts

Catherine tried on a spicy jumpsuit with transparent inserts

Netflix released the Addams Family spin-off at the end of last year. Released last fall, the comedy-horror Wednesday has already broken the streaming service record with a total of 752.5 million hours watched.

However, a stunning success was guaranteed, as the project was directed by the legendary Tim Burton, the main character was played by the charming Jenna Ortega, and her mother was 53-year-old Catherine Zeta Jones.

The tabloids suggested that the actress ended her career a few years ago. However, the star unexpectedly returned to the screens, trying on the image of Morticia Addams.

At the same time, a long break in filming did not affect the talent or figure of the Oscar winner. On the contrary, the mother of two children is in great shape and can try on the most daring looks.

So, in a new picture published by Katherine on social networks, she poses in a black translucent jumpsuit in the style of her on-screen heroine – with lace inserts and a deep neckline.

“I just woke up and realized that the weekend continues. I go back to bed happy,” commented the actress.

Internet users jokingly suggested that Zeta-Jones does not go out of character, because soon she will again have to reincarnate as Mother Wednesday.

Fans also noted that after the publication of such content, there is no doubt that no one could have played the role of Morticia better. It is known that the series was renewed for a second season. Apparently, it will be released in the fall of 2023.

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