Gisele walks down the street in a brа! the guy next to me can’t take his eyes off this beauty

Gisele walks down the street in a brа! the guy next to me can’t take his eyes off this beauty

“A provincial with the figure of a swimmer and a huge nose,” Gisele Bündchen was so dismissively spoken of at the beginning of her career.

But she was able not only to conquer the fashion world – and at the same time the hearts of many stellar men – but also become the model of the millennium according to Vogue.

And Forbes ratings, as the highest paid model in the world, she led for 15 years. She became the world’s first first-ever billionaire model.

Thanks to her earnings, Gisele even got into the Guinness Book of Records (read also: Why Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bündchen broke up).

Unlike many of the “old guard” supermodels who are still participating in the world’s major fashion shows, making a splash, Bündchen ended her career as a fashion model at 35 years old.

After that, she only starred (and even then, infrequently) in expensive advertising campaigns and for the covers of a prestigious gloss.

But, by and large, she no longer needs to work – the multi-million dollar fortune made during her career and her own business allow her to pursue her favorite hobbies and personal life.

Gisele broke up with footballer Tom Brady last year. According to rumors, the reason was his excessive passion for a sports career and inattention to Bündchen and children.

But for a long time this beauty did not feel sad, and soon the media started talking about her new romance. Chosen supermodel, allegedly, was her jiu-jitsu instructor, 34-year-old Joaquim Valente.

The couple has not yet confirmed the romance. But they are increasingly seen together – either in a restaurant or on a horseback ride. And now the paparazzi managed to photograph Joaquim and Giselle in Costa Rica.

They walked down the street, and the sight of Bündchen made one speechless. The supermodel wore only a microscopic bodice and a short translucent skirt. Valente could not take his eyes off his companion.

It seems that Giselle’s perfect body can be the envy of any girl. And you can’t say that she is the mother of two children. No wonder Bündchen is still in the top most beautiful women in the world according to the ratings of various publications.

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