Amanda Holden ditches brа under tiny silk top as she tugs on delicate metal straps

Amanda Holden ditches brа under tiny silk top as she tugs on delicate metal straps

Amanda Holden has treated her Instagram followers to another braless display in the office.

The 53-year-old donned a lilac suit, but ditched her underwear underneath it as she paraded her toned figure around her Heart Radio workplace.

Amanda also offered a glimpse of a silk top under her jacket before waltzing past her colleagues as she described her latest ensemble.

«Oh my goodness, hello, happy Friday,» she began. «I am in this gorgeous lavender lilacy flared suit. I do love a flare, I think it’s very flattering. The entire thing including the silk little top with gorgeous straps is from Sosander.»

Amanda continued: «It’s Friday, we made it to the end of the week. I don’t have a bank holiday. I am off with Alan Carr to go and bash more things in our new house in Spain completely down.»

She joked: «So think of us whilst you’re in rainy England, but at least maybe you’ll be enjoying a break. Anyway, I’ll see you Tuesday next, I think.»

Amanda then added in her caption that she was going to drink sherry with comedian Alan ahead of the third series of their BBC Amanda and Alan show.

Their previous series last year — Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job — saw the pals bring a crumbling property in Sicily back to life.

It comes after Alan learned earlier this week that ITV is to ditch his Epic Gameshow.

The popular programme debuted in 2020 and ran for three successful seasons, which tugged at viewers’ nostalgia with throwbacks to old-time game shows.

An insider claimed: «Alan won’t be taking this too hard, as the three seasons Epic Gameshow ran for on ITV were well received, and it’s not like he’s short of other projects.

On ITV alone, he has a prime-time game show Password coming up later this year, as well as a second series of his autobiographical comedy-drama Changing Ends.

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