Halle Berry striрs down to untie some ոipples and begs, look at my breаsts

Halle Berry striрs down to untie some ոipples and begs, look at my breаsts

Halle Berry has suffered multiple nip slips during a recent wardrobe malfunction.

In the clip, Halle braces herself while her pal grabs her white shirt and begins to tug it off. The duo laugh as the Catwoman actress points to a zipper on the side of her outfit, which leaves her friend in fits of giggles.

Berry joked that she “made it harder than it has to be” as the pair began to lift her shirt off. The white shirt, which was covered with a black bandeau corset, struggled to get over her arms as Halle shouted: “Ow! My boob!”

Cries of “ow” and “Jesus” could be heard as Halle’s friend quipped that they “might have to cut it off” her.

Berry leaned forward, still laughing, as her pal reached over and began tugging once more while warning her: “Not over my head!”

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Halle screamed as her hair got caught in the kerfuffle and begged: “Just watch my boobs!” The cameraman moved around them as they caught Halle’s accidental nip slip, which was covered by a red heart emoji.

The emoji flashed up multiple times to cover her dignity as Berry and her friend continued to shout at each other while laughing and pulling at the shirt.

Halle finally asked: “You got some scissors?” as she turned around with a pained look on her face.

Berry continued: “Is it designer? Aucoin? We might have to cut this s*** off! I’m trying to get this arm out…this one…it’s hurting me for real.”

They eventually pulled her outfit off as Halle breathed a sigh of relief once the ordeal was over.

She continued to teeter around the room in her heels before pulling her other arm out. The clip ended by showing the Hollywood actress walking through a side door as her pal joked “suffer for fashion”.

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