Take her phone away! Britney lowered her shorts during the dance and purposely showed more than necessary

Take her phone away! Britney lowered her shorts during the dance and purposely showed more than necessary

From the main pop singer of the early 2000s, Britney Spears has turned into a freak, scaring even loyal fans with her antics.
From 2008 to 2021, the pop star was under the guardianship of her father.

Britney could not take a step without the knowledge of her parent and even manage her own money. Social media, as many suspect, was also run solely by Jamie Spears. Therefore, Britney looked very modest and taciturn in them.

But as soon as the court canceled the guardianship of the singer, she literally went into all serious trouble. At first, Spears shared videos of wild dances, after which strange outfits began to appear, which became shorter with each video.

It got to the point where Britney started posting nude content that she filmed on a public beach among tourists (more: “She went crazy”: Britney Spears came naked to a crowded beach).

After this performance, the fans began to sound the alarm, and the native artists were completely horrified by what they saw (see also: Abuser, cheater and gigolo: the three main men of Britney Spears who destroyed her psyche and life). Especially Britney’s sons.

Apparently, the condemnation of native people could slightly affect Spears. In the new video, Britney really appeared in clothes, although by the end of the video she still tried to take them off.

Britney showed off her dancing talents in a red long sleeve crop top with a single fur glove on her arm and black mini shorts. At some point,

the pop star of the 2000s decided to take a break, and at the same time show that she had no underwear under her shorts.

Becoming clearly in front of the camera and making the most sexy look, Britney carefully pulled off her shorts, almost completely exposing intimate places.

Fans are already not just horrified, but rather enraged. They do not understand the purpose for which a Hollywood star publishes such content.

“Take away her phone already”, “Yes, when will this stop”, “And again she shows her charms. This is not normal”, “Britney from a beautiful and ambitious singer has turned into a vulgar blogger”, “It’s ugly and ugly,” said Internet users.

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